We don鈥檛 just want to make your app.

We want to help you deliver a product.

We started out in a basement, poorly lit by a single lightbulb. We had one dream: to build something great.

Alright, that鈥檚 not exactly true. We鈥檝e been doing contracts for big players from the start and we could never complain about lighting conditions. We鈥檙e a young team with a modern vision and way of working. We launched the company to capitalize on our experience, both in the programming and business departments, and turn our individual success into a collective one. We鈥檝e always been dreaming of working on big projects, but not necessarily for big companies.

Enter Alergeek Ventures. While making these dreams come true, we successfully completed many projects, including INT女 - an app that has been downloaded by other 100 thousand people.

It is within our mission to embrace a broad perspective when approaching your business challenges: we will not shy away from cooperation which departs from the realm of traditional IT contracts. We take care of you while you turn your dreams into a digital reality.

We鈥檙e not ones to wait for a contract.
What we want is a challenge.

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