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dostanesie.pl's mission

Despite seemingly public access to admissions information in Poland, research often takes hours, due to the multitude of websites, dead links and hidden PDFs. dostanesie.pl has been making this process much easier for years now.

The missing link

Among people involved with dostanesie.pl, we find representatives of almost all professions. The common pain point made backend, devops engineers, UX designers and social media experts come together. There is one role missing though - someone who creates websites and mobile apps, exactly the area Alergeek Ventures specializes in.

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Importance of foundation

Our task was clear from the beginning. Reuse existing code to remake the website - provide the same features using a modern tech stack. Our choice was Next.js with properly used Static Site Generation (SSG), which provides speed as well as a pleasant developer experience. CI / CD, best code practices, as well as our code review process also massively sped up development.


The new website version is already online. We prepared the base for the calculator and a new feature - an accommodation rental map. The team of dostanesie.pl quickly learned and embraced our technological processes, resulting in rapid development without hiccups. The current focus is on managing infrastructural challenges during the upcoming exam period.

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