Running Your Business Can Be Enjoyable

When we started our company, we knew we would spend some time on paperwork: organizing invoices, analyzing budgets, contracts, or other documents. We quickly realized that we were spending too much time on it and – more importantly – we could do it much more comfortably and better. This is how the concept of Firmowid was born. An application that not only monitors financial liquidity but also simplifies many other aspects of running a business. Our priority was to make managing a company a more pleasant experience. Today, we are happy to have achieved this goal and use Firmowid in our work ourselves. Now, we want your company to also benefit from its advantages.

Which organizations does Firmowid help?

Our company operates in such a way that the axis of its activity is project realization, we bill on an hourly basis: both with clients and employees. For such organizations, wanting to analyze their financial situation through the prism of projects, Firmowid is the ideal tool. However, we encourage every organization that wants to monitor their organizational and financial situation to use our solution. Even if certain issues are not compatible, we are always open to suggestions, so that your organization can fully benefit from our application. Claim free access and test us.

Opportunity to Claim Free Access

If you are an entrepreneur and want to try Firmowid, we have great news for you! We have started a trial version, available completely free of charge for the first 100 people. Our application helps employees in easy monitoring of working hours and automatic recording of work time using a trusted profile. Moreover, it facilitates matching invoices to transactions and performs automatic financial analysis of your company.

However, we want you to know that this is a trial version, which works well in our company, but you may notice areas that need improvement or potential errors. If so, let us know, and we will immediately take corrective action. Our priority is to perfect Firmowid so that every entrepreneur can use it in the most optimal way for themselves. If you stay in touch with us, we will customize Firmowid to your needs and we will do it completely for free.

Demo Version

If you want to get to know Firmowid better and see how it can help your company, we invite you to test our demo version, which includes data of a fictional company. It's an excellent way to understand the capabilities of an application that can significantly optimize your business. If you're ready to test Firmowid today, leave us your email address on the page We will provide you with access to the demo version, as well as our support. We encourage you to ask questions, report errors, and suggest other solutions. Together we will create Firmowid tailored to your needs. Register today :)

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