The Largest Polish Meditation App

A Stormy Start

The team from INTU reached out to us when they found themselves in a tight spot - the planned update of the app was severely delayed. Knowing that we had no time to lose, we promptly got to work. One of the primary tools that sped up our actions was properly configured Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery - that's why we invested in such a pipeline early on. We wanted to deliver a new version for testing regularly, and to keep everyone informed about the changes - and what was causing them.

Used Technology

When it came to choosing the technologies used - the decision pretty much made itself. Previous versions of INTU were developed using React Native, with which Patryk, a member of our team, already had a lot of experience. We also took advantage of the existing infrastructure on the Google Firebase platform, extending it with the elements we needed.

The Biggest Challenges

A meditation app like INTU utilizes many native functionalities. For example, a player that must work with widgets on both Android and iOS phones. Another functionality is the in-app purchase option. A few years ago, these kinds of problems would have been much harder to solve; fortunately, now we have access to many modules prepared by the React Native community. With their knowledge, we were again able to save dozens of hours of work and speed up the release.

The Result

The app is now available in the Play Store and App Store, as well as on Android and iOS platforms, but month by month we are fixing found errors, and also expanding it with additional functionalities.

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