Quiz Game with Real Prizes

Project Description

Quikś is a quiz game powered by Łukasz Bok, who has been informing about the most important world events through his social media for years. Łukasz's team wanted to create an app for all those curious about the world, having knowledge in various fields of life. This is how the Quikś project was born: a game for those who are open to knowledge and competition. It's no secret that the competition in this field is big. What was supposed to distinguish Quikś from the beginning were attractive prizes, seasons, a huge question base, and the ability to play with friends.

Our Approach

We started working on Quikś when it turned out that the previous programmers would not be able to finish the project. It's no secret that it was in a very early phase, and our main goal was to bring the application to its premiere as soon as possible. Bearing in mind Łukasz's recognition, we had the weight of meeting the expectations of this mission. It was very important to exercise due diligence and excellent work organization. In the first version, there were about 50 thousand questions in the database, while on the day of the premiere, the application was downloaded by over 30 thousand users. Such numbers are impressive, therefore it is key to prepare the application in a way that optimizes its performance while at the same time minimizing the cost it generates. One of the interesting features was the ranking, which has a very positive effect on the competition - every user can check their position, and updating the rankings every hour can build excitement.


The premiere of any application can be stressful. Eventually, during its debut, Quikś jumped to the first place among Polish applications (and games) on the AppStore and Google Play. Being the most popular game in such a large market is a significant achievement. The application was downloaded by over 35 thousand users just during the first two days.

Post-Premiere Issues

It's also worth paying attention to certain challenges that appeared after the premiere, which were quickly and effectively resolved. The first of these was a problem with the dark mode in MIUI, which was fixed immediately after the premiere through an appropriate update. Another challenge was registering using an email address, but this problem was also swiftly resolved through an update available right after the debut. Other issues, such as matching opponents and the ranking, required a bit more time to adjust properly. Nevertheless, our team quickly engaged in solving these problems, and over the course of the next week, players could notice improvements in the functioning of these elements. It's also worth mentioning the challenges related to establishing the rules and the presence of prizes, which imposed some limitations on improving the ranking system. Nonetheless, work on optimizing this system is ongoing, and enhanced solutions are planned to be introduced in the next season of the game.

The whole situation after the premiere of Quikś is an example of successful adaptation and response to challenges that can be encountered in the world of applications. We never leave a client when things don't go their way and respond as quickly as possible. This is one of the most important characteristics of our team, crucial for developing products in our dynamic industry. Even if it requires an increased demand for coffee and uploading new updates during the night hours :)

Similar Projects

A similar project was the INTU app, where we initially focused on the premiere of a new update, and in the following years, we took care of its long-term development. Read more here.

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